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Thread: Trouble loading tune

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    Trouble loading tune

    So a little background, I have a 2016 GT and I also have a Lund NGauge and tune from them. I have switched between the Lund tune and my tune with HPT before numerous times, but today it gave me some problems. First I used the NGauge to return to stock tune. Car started and no issues besides running rough (to be expected). I then took my HPT tune which is made from my stock tune I pulled previously and loaded via write entire. When I went to start it, car would start then immediately die. Loaded Lund tune via NGauge and it starts normally. I never had any issues before but this is the first time I have tried with the newer version (last time was in August of last year).

    Any ideas? I will attach both my stock read and the tuned filed which I used the stock read to do the adjustments on.

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