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Thread: Avoiding phone calls while timing

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    Avoiding phone calls while timing

    Is it Ok to connect to the XGPS160 via blue tooth but put the phone in flight mode to avoid texts and phone interruptions while on the track? A phone call appears to upset the timer.

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    Yes, Airplane Mode should work to avoid interruptions, as long as you make sure to turn Bluetooth back on, as well as WiFi if you are using any WiFi devices.

    On iOS, this requires an external GPS like the XGPS160, as the internal GPS will no longer provide data in Airplane Mode. This does not seem to be a problem on Android, however.

    You would of course lose the ability to stream live telemetry data when in Airplane Mode. Another option that may be worth trying is Do Not Disturb mode... This can behave a little differently depending on your settings and phone model, so there could be a bit of tweaking necessary to get it setup just right for you.