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Thread: ABS/Track control/ Brake light on after tire change

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    ABS/Track control/ Brake light on after tire change

    IS there a way to get my lights to not come on anymore.

    Went from factory 275/40/17 (approx 26") to 295/55/15 (28")

    Front and rear tires are VERY similar in size height wise.

    I used HP to adjust speedo for tire sizes change. MY local show tried to use a Tech II to see if they were able to adjust anything and could not find anything.

    LEt me know Thanks

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    Can't do much without knowing what code is setting but i'm sure its front/rear speed mismatch. Hp tuners can't do anything with the ABS module.

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    Jeff, Do you know any other tuners or other way to modify abs settings? I need to change the rear wheel speed sensors on a 2013 camaro from 38 pulses per revolution to 55 pulses per revolution. Want to scale the pulses per wheel rev in the EBCM if ppossible. I am removing the IRS and replacing with a solid axle.

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    Some ecus have an abs output that is specifically for this issue. It is under the speedometer calibration tab
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    In the Tech2, look at:
    Chassis > ABS/TCS/VSES > Special Functions > Tire Size Calibration.

    screenshot.17-12-2018 23.42.59.png

    Downside is you can only choose from a predefined list, and it's in 'Pxxx/yyRzz' format, you have to work backwards to find a size with the diameter you need. And the sizes in the list cover a certain range, you can't input the size you want directly.