New here, trying to figure out if this should go here or gen 4, so I'm dropping it here.

Before I get into this I'm putting it out there that I've never done any type of tuning/calibrating and am still in the process of learning about tuning and calibrating ECUs.

I'm swapping an (eventually turbo) lq4/4l60e into an 06 cadillac sts rwd (I wanted a project and apparently I chose a good head scratcher)

The lq4 is getting rebuilt so I can run either 24x or 58x reluctor

My understanding from what I've learned so far, if I'm running a LS/4l60e combo I'll need an ECU configured as a vehicle that came factory with an LS/4l60e combo, and said ECU would be of the same model year as the vehicle your configuring it as? (an E67 configured as an 08 GTO would have to come out of a vehicle from 2008)

So far the vehicles that I've found that I can base this on are the TBSS, GTO, C6 vette, and Colorado.

I know the STS uses both Class 2 and CAN which will be a limiting factor. I also know that the STS cruise control is a resistor ladder run into the instrument panel module and then run to the ECU via high speed data

I'm doing plenty of searching for an LS/4l60e config that will incorporate high and low speed data and cruise over high speed data. I can fix my cruise issue by running the signal from the switch straight to the ecu, but the ecu needs to work with a resistor ladder, which the TBSS uses 3 +12v signals for it's cruise input which would rule out the TBSS. My understanding is an 09 Colorado with the 5.3 has both high and low speed data, along with the resistor ladder cruise control (but run directly into the ECU).

Am I far off in my thinking? any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Also if I would be better off running something other than the E67, I'm open to suggestions as well.