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Thread: issue with 4l80e

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    issue with 4l80e

    i'm working on a truck 2005 sierra that had a 4l80e swapped into it (i'v done this multiple times) but for some reason this particular truck will either from first start shift really hard and go through all the gears or will shift really soft and only go 1-3 when it shifts hard i see 0.0 a on the force motor current when it shifts soft it see voltage. ive used the blue cat tool adjusted shift points to verify that it wasn't an issue there. in the scanner if you command 4th it will engage. randomly it sill set p1810 as well, this is a freshly rebuilt 4l80e we even replaced the trans plug on the harness side just incase this was the issue. ive also tried 2 different ecu's to see if that was possibly the issue.
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