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Thread: Using dodge PCM with different engine

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    Using dodge PCM with different engine

    Hi all, registered here just recently looking for some advice. I understand the basic concepts but have limited to no experience tuning or modifying ECUs in any way.

    I am working on a project car with a 90s Jaguar V8 in it. I want to pair it with a modern automatic transmission like the ZF 8 speed, but all the aftermarket standalone solutions for controlling it are very costly.

    So, I came up with an idea that should let me do this on the cheap - why not just get the trans from something like a late model Challenger, along with the pcm that controls it from the factory. I can then use this PCM to run my engine, and talk to the trans. I could easily make most of the necessary sensors etc from the Dodge work with the Jag motor, and things like EGR, VVT, etc can probably be disabled in the PCM's configuration, am I right?

    Would love to hear some input on this from someone more experienced

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    I would make sure the ignition drivers on the dodge ecm matches that used on the jag engine. As far as disabling certain functions, depends on what HPT openly gives access to to do it easily, otherwise user defined parameters will need to be used which requires specific knowledge of the calibration in question.