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Thread: tune file question..

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    tune file question..

    I'm new to tuning trying to learn slowly.. I've Been doing my research and looking at some tune file and comparing with stock
    to see what needs to be changed , is there any checklist out there that could help ?
    I'm also trying to figure out why some tune files have 3 controllers or operating systems, would anyone
    know an answer ?


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    Vehicles with fuel pump control modules (FPCM) will have 3. Often seen on flex fuel vehicles in many cases.

    The FPCM also costs an extra credit to license if you for some reason need to edit it. About 95% of people never need to do that.

    Your other question sorta doesn't make much sense to me. There is no real checklist for changing stuff. What needs to be changed is based upon what you want to do and or what has to changed because of what is done to the vehicle. How much "change" is always different from vehicle to vehicle as no calibration will ever be exactly the same when doing mods.
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