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Thread: Need help badly

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    Need help badly

    I have a 2001 GT that I put a 09 Shelby GT 500 engine in. Now I had Eric Brooks doing the tuning prior to HP but hit a snag when I discovered a bent rod and chewed up bearings. The block is now built from the crank up with FAR BETTER Manley internals. I was trying to stay with the returnless fuel system but that proved to be just too much of a hassle. I am now running old school return style. I have 95lb injectors each rail fed independently, IW 10% lower balancer, whipple 2.9 twin screw sc, upgraded mass air meter I think it?s a BA 5000. All this running on the original 01 Ecu. Car starts and runs well at idle but get on it and it goes lean as hell as read off the wideband once a load is put on it. I don?t know what the formula would be to increase injector pulsewidth or on time. I KNOW this can and has been done in the past with this kind of swap and ecu.

    Any help in this area would be MUCH APPRECIATED


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    Upload logfile and tune to look at if you still need help