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Thread: MPVi 2 Wideband help!!

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    After fussing and fighting with this new software for 2 days, I finally got some things to actually work in the Scanner Graph. I can monitor LTFT, and my LC-1 Wideband, but I have not conquered the AFR ERROR Graph.

    When I run the Scanner, my AFR Error graph shows that part of it is working. By this I mean the blue box moves around the Graph, but there are NO NUMBERS in the boxes.

    I am going to Post a copy of my Scanning Config, and hopefully someone will look at it and find what I am doing wrong.

    The file I attached doesn't look right.
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    Are you trying to set up your scanner to do VE error log or the MAF error??
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    I'm having the same issue, and i'm pretty sure he is setting up for MAF, but either way my AFR err does not log to either MAF or VE graph set ups.