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Thread: What can I expect 2018 GT Challenger tune?

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    What can I expect 2018 GT Challenger tune?

    Hi all,

    I am looking to get a tune on my 2018 dodge challenger, what type of increase could I expect?
    Is there anyone who currently has one. Just looking for information.

    As I make a ton of GT challenger content on youtube. I want to get this done and share my experience!

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    I think Hemituna mentioned the pentastar might benefit from a tweaking of the cams.

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    Yes, i can vouche for that. I had a 2014 pentastar that definitely liked the cam tweaks. Had to keep it minimal as I didn't have a whole day for adjusting but i retarded a small area on the low rpm exhaust side and advanced the same area in the intake side.. some slight changes up top. Very responsive vehicles for v6. Should be an easy adjustment to see when you overlook your wot cam tables.

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    With CAI, PUG Manifold, Ported TB and Custom Player3 PCM and TCM Tune. I dropped 1.22s and gained 5.2MPH in the 1/4 mile with a 3.2 Pentastar. Tuning the VVT Cams makes a massive difference.

    Here is 2 identical vehicles. Camera vehicle has tune (no vvt tuning) and CAI vs myself with the bolt ons and more aggressive tune, I was consistently over 1/2 a second faster in the 1/4 mile.

    As mentioned above with the Camera vehicle, we flashed back to stock and did another pass.

    A properly done custom tune (PCM) was good for 0.621s and 2.26mph with nothing else done.