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Thread: Edit multiple files at once?

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    Question Edit multiple files at once?

    Is it possible to have multiple RR files open at once? I'm on Mac, and I would love to be able to edit videos while one is rendering. It seems like I'm limited to only one instance of RR at a time.

    A couple of other things I've noticed:
    • Command + A does not select all text in most fields (as is native on mac)
    • I don't know that merging data files maintains the trimming and syncing that I've applied to them. Clarification would be great!
    • I'd love it if track maps with joined data would show the entire map as though it were merged data.

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    Re your last point. It is possible to combine your data to show one entire map. After you have joined your data files, right click on the "Joined Data" line, the select "Merge Joined data into a single file". Then reset your track map to point to this data source.