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Thread: 5.3 cam surge 1000-1500 problems

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    5.3 cam surge 1000-1500 problems

    hey everyone I recently did a cam swap on my 5.3 the problem is I have cam surge(engine surge) between 1000-1500 rpms I can get decently smooth rpms right up to 1500 then it surges from 1000-1500 and I cant get anything over~ 2000 without it falling on its face. im new to using this software or any type of tuning for that matter so any help is appreciated cam specs are 216/220 .550 lift 112lobe separation.latesttune7-9-19.hptlogforcamsurge.hpl

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    I am not at my laptop at the moment but have done a ton of those cams in 5.3 trucks. If you follow the Krambo tuning guide (do a quick google search) you should get in the ballpark quick and easier for this cam. Will look at the tune and logs later today.
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    What is the full setup, like everything.

    You need to set all 3 MAF dtc's to MIL on first error as well.

    I noticed you set the transmission type to manual, just so you know that does nothing and could cause you an issue. You need to disable all transmission related DTC's and torque mngt if you remove the stock 4L60e transmission. You also must disable the drivetrain abuse mode. Abuse mode kicks in at 1,600rpm and will cause you issues.

    I also see that you plugged in the number 57.9 in the injector flow rate but only for the 0kpa manifold vacuum. If larger injectors and fuel system was installed, the whole table must be populated with data as well as all the injector data that goes with those injectors. Things like min pulse width, short pulse adder, offest vs volts.
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