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Thread: 2018 A10 With CJ setup and Monoblade VCT Settings Dyno Numbers

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    2018 A10 With CJ setup and Monoblade VCT Settings Dyno Numbers

    Got a good Deal on this setup and threw it on my 2018. Previous mods were JLT Cold air Headers and E85 with a Drag Pack. Car ran great and makes 471 with those mods. Baseline when stock was 398.

    So that was little background. Moving on I threw this CJ setup with a monoblade TB and PMAS intake. Car drives around great and have very little issues. Small surging when going from drive to park after driving for a bit and a bit of a chuggy feeling when going slow 45-50 in 10th gear. Nothing major at all.

    Now onto the issue I had yesterday I finally got time to throw the car on the dyno to Try different VCT settings. I Started at Stock (466 Peak at 6700) which fell off more than stock above 7K. Like 15hp down. Ok no biggie. Adjust The VCT and next pull was 476 peak at 6700ish again but above that is still down over the stock manifold. Tried a few other VCT settings but had problems with my Tire and had to stop. Anyone tuned a CJ on a 18+? Have any info on Cam settings? Ill be putting it back on the dyno probably Tuesday and will update the thread. I Attached a datalog for the 476 pull. Any input is appreciated
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    Would you mind posting your tune from the 476 pull? These seem to be very sensitive to vct changes , some have reported losses when going away from stock settings.

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    Here was the VCT settings I used
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    For shits and giggles have you tried the vct from the 19 bullet mustang? its quite different then the stock vct

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    I did not but I sure can

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    Would be interesting for sure, since I have a customer with a 19 on e85, long tubes and jlt. haven't been able to get him in to try them out and see if there is any power over the stock ones. please let me know your findings.

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    Are you using the PMAS MAF data and getting that much error? It is probably more important to get that correct first than to mess with VCT with that error in your air model. If the O2's are showing it, it has already happened, so AFR may be where you want it, but it had to be corrected to it.

    Rickclark23 chart.PNG

    I would try adding 4-5% to the period range in the 140's, leave the 130's alone, and remove 4% from the 120's. your load should smooth out much like the "corrected load math" I have in the chart.

    Rickclark23 MAF error.PNG

    The only other thing I would suggest is to make sure you raised the max RPM from 7600 to 8000 under knock retard tab. You loose 2* of advance at the top RPM range which can't be helping any thing for good dyno results.
    Then if you want you can make your spark follow an inverse path to what your load is doing instead of having it a flat value across the board. To help maintain more consistent cylinder pressure and hence torque.

    Flat borderline.PNG
    Inverse of load
    adjusted borderline.PNG
    These could be cleaned up and smoothed out a bit, but you get the general idea.

    If you are using PMAS supplied data and horse power drops at 6700RPM, it surely could be something hardware related.

    The load and spark I would be aiming for. I put in reference lines so you can see its not just inverse with load(flame speed), but corrected as RPM climbs as well(piston speed).

    Load and spark correction.PNG
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    Thanks Murfie. I got back on the dyno today. I corrected the maf error to within 2% and got the spark to hold out 30.5 to 7800. I made the most power (493) with the stock VCT settings. Peak was 6700 again. I went up and down in 1* increments above 6500 on both the intake and exhaust cam independently up to 4* plus and 3* minus from stock. All lost power compared to the stock. It didn't carry power as great as I hoped but was up 23hp at 6800rpm and up 12hp at 7800rpm. So an improvement from The stock 18manifold above 5600 below I lost 12-15hp and 18tq which I was expecting.

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    Peak to peak CJ and 2018 will be close. GT350 mani is the weakest of the bunch. Avarage HP is where CJ shines.
    We have tuned cars with 2018 mani, GT350 and CJ - CJ is pulling buses on others even tho peak numbers are close.

    There's one more thing you need to address with CJ to fully use it's potential but this is super secret.

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    Rick, how do your flow numbers correspond to your latest (493) dyno pull. On the first log you posted, you seem to hit a wall around 6700-7000, as MAF does not increase. Typically when we tune VCT, we don't swing +/- from stock on fully modified setups. but lock the exhaust at it's base position and go through the intake cam from full advance and retard until we see no more benefit of peak power increase, and build the intake cam VCT profile. Then retard the exhaust until no benefit in increasing torque. Once both profiles are built, then we sway +/- in small increments to validate the VCT curves.


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    Yes sir I moved them one at a time