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Thread: Anyone willing to give a quick look over for 98 LS1

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    Anyone willing to give a quick look over for 98 LS1

    1998 Trans Am LS1 6 Speed

    Just a shop culdesac beater/burnout car so going for just bare bones tune (no emissions, torque management, traction control, skip shift, cats, etc)
    Could someone look at my tune and see if I forgot anything. I'm pretty sure I[LIST]
    • Removed the cat and o2 codes
    • Removed COT
    • Removed TM (engine side... manual transmission)
    • Removed TC (if it had it)
    • Removed Skip Shift

    Also is there anything else I can do... DFCO perhaps? Or any easy timing advances or safe upgrades? Again just a toy

    Thanks in advance
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    have you had a wideband on it?
    and do you have a log file, there are some areas that you may be able to clean up.

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    If you have a wideband you can lean out the fuel map and add some timing. Other than that its guess work.