Greetings all,

I first posted this in the VCM Scanner section, but I think it may fit better here:


Is it possible to set up a custom parameter to obtain data from a serial data stream? I have a TechEdge 2COB wideband O2 sensor setup, which outputs lambda data over a serial cable. The TechEdge protocol is well documented and should be easy enough to grab every time the scanner grabs a data frame from OBD2

While I certainly can configure the analog output of the wideband controller and connect that to my ProLink, that seems like far more effort than just configuring VCM scanner to accept the serial stream that is already there.

How do the predefined serial wideband inputs work? It is also possible that I can reconfigure the serial stream to conform to one of the other protocols (though I would like to avoid it).

Why do I care? I'm an electronics design engineer, and I intuitively know that going A-D-A-D is going to be less accurate than the single A-D operation that takes place with the serial protocol. That, and I use my MPVI2 in multiple vehicles frequently, so I would prefer to just plug it into the OBD2 port and go rather than have to remember the ProLink.

Thanks in advance!