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Thread: 4L65E won't shift under wot or downshift

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    4L65E won't shift under wot or downshift

    I need help guys, I'm beside myself. This is a Jasper class 2 which was rebuilt with even better parts. I'm essentially at stock power levels. Even with the stock tune, I'm having issues. When I am cruising and I kick it down into 3rd it revs up and won't shift until I let off. Then it clunks into gear. I am thinking at this point it isn't software related. Supposedly the trans has the "corvette solenoid valve?", upgraded drum, shift kit, and hd clutch packs. When I first installed this trans, i was driving and the oil cooler line blew off. I had to drive it because I was on a road where I couldn't just stop. I ran it completely out of oil. I filled it up after fixing the line and it seemed ok. The torque convertor is stock and came with the trans. Any ideas? When i installed the convertor it seemed like the gap was a bit much between the flywheel and the convertor pads, but I didn't shim it. If the convertor is not seated deep enough all the time, could that cause these issues? Any help much appreciated. After beating on the car when i go to shut it off there is a tire chirp like sound that comes from the trans. At the track it goes through 1st and 2nd with hard shifts but then won't go into third unless i let off.
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    is it tuned? if so can we see it. they have some funny shift parameters factory that would cause some of that. running it out of oil did you no favors, causes quite a bit of damage.