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Thread: Larger injectors help m156

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    OK so i had my stock injectors take a dump, figured its time to go larger and run ethanol, (60lb injectors) purchased HPtuners. I cant figure out how to get these things working on HPT, i tried changing Inj Pulse Mult, doesnt do much, and when i do it throws a p0607 code, the more i take out the sooner the code comes and car goes into limp mode. I figure its do to some torque table, i tried raising all different torque tables, i tried playing with maf tables, i cant figure it out, someone please point me in the right direction who has done larger injectors on these cars. Honestly im ready to pay someone to tune this thing, i really dont have the time to play with it and figure it out. Also how do i get the rear o2 codes to go away? i disabled codes and disabled all downsteream o2 test and still shows permanent codes p0036 and (i have installed headers with no cats and rear o2 removed, i have wideband in one)

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    i'm on my 3rd day with the product and have the same exact issues you describe.

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    There are MANY tq limiter tables that will throw the car into limp mode once you start messing with MAF scaling, throttle and injector multiplier. I always use inj multiplier for larger injectors, then fine tune with maf scaling. Adjust tq limits to suit and keep the car from going into reduced power mode.