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Thread: Scanner missing pids on 19 Camaro

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    Scanner missing pids on 19 Camaro

    I just updated my HP set up and I'm still having issues with this 19 Camaro Zl1 1LE. Sometimes it gives me an error and won't connect. Sometimes it'll give me just a handful of pids and sometimes it will give me some basic stuff I can work with. I'll get LTFT every now and again but it doesn't seem accurate. One O2 is pinned to the max value and the other seems to be all over. As soon as I hit the gas it drops way down and then rebounds. Car seems to be running great too I just can't scan/data log to finish up the tune.

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    Just so you guys know. I emailed HP support and they ran diagnostics on my scanner and had me clear out a folder. Scanner>vehicles. Worked fine after that.