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Thread: 2011 CLS63 W218 M157 Boost Request Issue

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    2011 CLS63 W218 M157 Boost Request Issue

    Hello Guys!

    I'm trying to tune 2011 CLS63 W218 M157 MED 17.7.3 ECU. The car has Weistec w.3 turbos, full exhaust, forged pistons and rods, darton sleeves and Renntec cooling. On stock tune it shows 540hp and 700nm on flywheel, after two days on the dyno I got 650hp and 1000nm at flywheel. The problem I got now is boost control goes down from 1.3 bar at 4000 RPM to 0.75 bar at redline. I tried almost all variables in the calibration but it looks like some kind of limiter is holding the boost (torque, load) from the point I want it to be. The Boost Control DC is staying at 65-70% and Weistec says that these turbos should produce about 800hp so I think they should give some extra power. Also some times throttle closes a little that I think is the second issue I need some help with.

    I attached the latest log and tune.

    Thank everyone for any help in this thread.

    Also, I'm ready to pay some money for good information with this car and future projects.

    1 640hp 990nm.hpl
    2 640hp 990nm.hpl

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    what happens when you increase DC with rpm to try and maintain boost?

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    logs Trottle and IAT, i'm sure this is yours problem.

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    try ecm 34913 raising those limits seen they have stock setting !!