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Thread: LT4 C7 Corvette no MAF mode no STFT and throttle limit

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    LT4 C7 Corvette no MAF mode no STFT and throttle limit

    New to Gen 5, when I fail the MAF I loose LTFT and STFT and the throttle is limited, what else needs to be altered beyond the MAF frequency fail points.

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    Sorted FT issue, needed to remove Airflow Correlation. Previously tuned elsewhere with a failed 02 sensor as well, didn't realize until stopped with power runs and tried to start VVE triming looked at the bank separation, average was Ok due to the failed 02 and the working one averaging close to zero. +32% and -25%.

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    Did you get it sorted out?
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    Did you get it sorted out?
    Waiting on an 02 sensor, not a common thing Down Under

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    02 Sensor sorted the first car, had a second come in with a bent pin in the ecu for 02 sensor, was shorted to ground to an adjacent pin it was squashed flat.

    I found to get VVE to work into boost with the MAF failed I had to delete MAF codes.