I am new to HP Tuners and on the initial install of the tuning software AFTER pulling the stock tune down with the 4.4 HPTUNERS VERSION I had to roll back to 4.2.21 in order to read all of the vehicle tables and be able to pull down my log and tunes on a 2007 Saturn Sky LNF turbo. I am a little frustrated and I have the original tune pulled from my car with the 4.4 version but we were unable to use it as the 4.4 file is too new to be read by the 4.2 software. Can someone tell me two things ?
1 Are the bugs out of the 4.4 software yet and can I upgrade now and have it connect and read the 2007 Saturn correctly and completely??
2 Will I be able to read tunes and logs created in 4.2 version software with the 4.4 version software??

If I cannot upgrade yet due to bugs still in the 4.4 software is there a way to have BOTH versions logged in and licensed to my MPVI2 device

I have sent a note to support but no response yet ?