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Thread: srt8 6.4 eratic steady state ignition timing

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    srt8 6.4 eratic steady state ignition timing

    slower speeds it seems ok, but on the highway, steady throttle, it's doing this saw tooth pattern. towards the end of the log is where there's a long stretch of it. literally looks like a sine wave in the graph section.

    the low number is pretty much what i put in the minimum throttle table too. it has 91 octane in it, promise. there's no knock retard, it just goes up and down with the timing. and it is doing it, you can hear the engine note change. and here in phoenix it's freaking hot but this making for an overheat, all that low timing.

    he's been to two other shops, i don't know either.

    help please.
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    knock sensors!
    turned them off and it went away. tried it because saw tiny bit of knock retard in the log, -0.5, and not every time. but enough to look there.
    with it off, timing was right out of the table. this is 100% stock engine so i don't know why this would happen, but moved the volts up in the sensitivity table 3500 rpm and lower and now all seems good.
    maybe it's because the engine is swapped into a JK and the mounts are really stiff. don't know. but solved!