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Thread: GM 6VE1/6VD1 Isuzu engine tune PCM32U

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    GM 6VE1/6VD1 Isuzu engine tune PCM32U

    Dear friends!
    I need help with tune GM 6VE1/6VD1 Isuzu (Trooper, Rodeo, Axiom) engine with ECM PCM32U

    I need edit some parameters of engine and transmission control after swap automatic transmission from 4L30E to AW30-40.

    I upgraded the electrical schematic and now transmission working perfectly.
    But i need edit lock-up control parameters and gearshift chart for better working.
    And some ignition and fuel chart need to be editing, because new transmission can more, than old.

    Can i use MPVI2 and ECULive for this job?

    You can find .bin files in attachment.

    Can you help me?

    What i need to bye for good job?

    Best regards,
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    hi friends we try to red a Isuzu Luv D-max wich is the same pickup isuzu I-350 (6VE1 also) but can not read ... does anyone do one of this trucks before ? what ecu have to select in order to read ? we apretiate any help



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    Hi! I read ECU EEPROM 29800 directly from two different ECMs.
    Firmware attached to last post.

    I have no idea how to calibrate it and what a soft i need to use for this action.