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Thread: 2020 Chevrolet Corvette to get an 'un-tunable' ECU?

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    2020 Chevrolet Corvette to get an 'un-tunable' ECU?

    MCT alleges the anti-hacking encryption written into the electronic control module will block any attempt to "read, write, and/or replace the standard ECU of the C8." If the ECU detects such an effort, and that "programming event fails," the Corvette will enter a "recovery mode" that requires a reboot. The coupe can be reprogrammed, but only by an entity with the proper encryption keys - meaning a trip on a flatbed to the dealer.
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    Good reason to look into buying something other than Chevy
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    Something tells me this wont be a GM exclusive "feature". As we work more towards self driving automated cars the software needs to be more robust to prevent hacking and some troll in his moms basement with nothing to live for turning the steering wheel hard left at 75mph on the highway

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    The information is already out that it's using a E99 computer but of course nobody knows how much of that will be the same as the E99 ZR1 corvettes that you can buy right now.
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