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Thread: reference lap

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    reference lap


    for the predictive time, the only reference lap that I found is the fastest lap.
    Is there any way to select one lap as reference ?


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    Presently, there's no user control over this. It is automatically based on your best lap so far in the current session, which is the only full lap data that it retains in memory. It was designed this way to avoid chasing impossible predictive lap times as conditions change between different track sessions.

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    I'm new to this racing optimization technology. I never installed your App. Nevertheless, I would like to ask something.
    Often I'm driving and I think I'm going fast. I take a look at the speedometer and try to memorize what was the maximum speed for that particular turn/cornering faster. But this isn't evidently precise and to much info to mentally recall for so many places.
    So I ask if this app gives a real time awareness to the driver about his instantaneous speed improvement (or regressions). If not, this could be ideally done in an audible/vibrating/flashing way to prevent distracting eyes from the track. The historically logged maximum speed in each coordinate is compared in real time with the actual speed, and then the improvement/regression message could be emitted. This real time feedback is also important, not only the complete graphical analysis at the end of the lap.

    a)-START BRAKING! When I'm trying to improve a lap time a basic information to log and display in real time is the braking point, the point where you stop accelerating and start braking to lower speed adequately for that particular cornering. I suggest that could be accomplished by means of the longitudinal accelerometer in the smartphone. The App would save which coordinates of the track where the longitudinal acceleration vector inverted (positive to negative). An alert could be sent to the driver a second before. Furthermore, while in the accelerating stage, in case the instantaneously measured speed is getting greater values than the historically maximum logged speed values, the braking point could be recalculated to be proportionally sooner, otherwise the braking power/adherence could not be enough to prevent the car crashing around the corner.

    b)-STOP BRAKING! The second simple point I want to know in real time, just before starting cornering, is when I have already reduced enough speed. Each turn would have it's maximum cornering speed, at least the entry speed. A warning would indicate (with a second of anticipation) that no more braking is necessary for safe cornering.

    c)-More cornering Speed? As you get closer to the historically maximum speed at that point of that curve, an early warning system could be sounded. Nevertheless, in case the driver feels safe and exceeds that logged speed, then it would be automatically stored as the new reference for the next lap, at that point of the circuit.

    d)-START ACCELERATING: Similarly, that point could be recorded, close to the corner's exit, and the driver could be notified with a sound, a few seconds before that "full-throttle" point. Again, it is automatically detected by the smartphone's accelerometer and saved for the next lap notification.

    Thanks for your attention.