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Thread: Commanded throttle actuator keeps backing off

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    Commanded throttle actuator keeps backing off

    Hi all,

    Recently managed to get around to tuning my MK6 R.
    Running into a few issues such as the throttle keeps backing on and off.
    Attached is a log showing the issue i'm having.
    Not sure if it is related to me trying to request more air load (more boost) but boost goes hits 20psi then drops to 15psi when the throttle body decides to back off.
    You can see that the Accelerator Position D is around 80% and commanded throttle is at 100% but then decides to drop to 40% then raise back up to 100%.

    Any ideas would be really appreciated.
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    There could be numerous reasons as to why this is happening.

    These PCM’s are very difficult to satisfy.

    Think of the PCM as a giant double sided algebra problem where both sides when solved have to = 1. If the PCM goes through all functions and variables, and the function comes out 1=1.25 or 1=.75 you will see throttle closure.

    If it goes through all the variables and 1=1. The PCM will deliver the requested power you’re asking for pending you have enough turbo and fuel to supply it.

    That’s about as best I can do to sum it up.

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    are your torque to load and optimum engine torque tables stock?

    post up your stock file if you can please so i can familiarize myself with this binary
    you'll see the load axis data for your optimium engine torque table needs to more closely represent what your car will actully see when requesting said torque hope this helps