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Thread: 2017 Expedition_First ecoboost tune_some questions

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    2017 Expedition_First ecoboost tune_some questions

    I've been somewhat using Metroplex's guide for this tune. I'm pretty happy with it so far but have a couple questions.

    How much of an increase should I be aiming for on this? Stock was around 13.5-14.5lbs of boost, about 37lb/min air mass. This tune is currently 16.5-17.5 lbs and up to 43 lb/min air mass at around 5300 rpm. I wouldn't mind going further but wasn't sure what the stock turbos are capable of.

    What should I do with cat overtemp? I increased the temp 150℉ but I'm still occasionally hitting it. I also changed the enrichment to .78. What are safe settings for this with the cats still in place?

    I left WOT Lamda at .82 since this is a heavy vehicle and might do a little towing. Is that good or is it safe to lean it out a little?

    I've attached stock and tuned files and logs. I would appreciate feedback on what I did wrong, right, or not at all. The stock log was with 85 octane.

    2017 Expedition tune 3.1 625nm.hpt
    2017 Expedition.hpt
    Tune 3.1 625nm.hpl
    Stock first drive.hpl

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    There is a knock during your 3000rpm to 5000rpm. You will need to enrich your AFR in order to get a good combustion to not cause your CAT to overheat due to mixture too lean.
    Especially you had increase your turbo boost with a standard turbo setup and retain stock CAT, the temp will increase due to heavy back pressure.

    Another crude method is to disable cat temp protection ECM 44546.

    Screenshot (3).png

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    So I made some changes to the power enrichment, richer at lower rpms and 40% pedal instead of 70. I'm still sometimes getting part throttle knock. It looks like it goes slightly lean right when I get on the throttle (50-60%), and that is when the knock retard happens. I don't often get knock during full throttle pulls and it's adding a degree or two over Borderline.

    Is there some acceleration enrichment setting that needs to be changed? I also noticed it did this some with the stock tune so maybe it's normal behavior?

    I've notice the the spark source during the Knock Retard sometimes is Tip-in Det. Control. Could that be what is showing as Knock Retard and not actual knock?

    2017 Expedition tune 6 Trans 1.hpt
    Tune 6 Trans 1.hpl
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    I would recommend you take some time to sort out your datalog channels 1st. You need to add some important channels and delete others.
    You would need to add torque, throttle, airlimit & fuel sources.
    There should be an original MAP sensor on your vehicle then add turbo pressure, desired load and absolute load % channels.
    your closed loop active, lambda commanded fuel bank 1 and 2 , wideband ratio bank 1 and 2 as well for V6 engine.
    As for the torque channel you will need engine brake torque, indicated torque & ETC torque request.
    The last importance is your pedal position and throttle angle.

    The spark part will require mapped points. Based on your tune your mapped point used are 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 13 OP
    channels example from 4cyl.

    Screenshot (4).pngScreenshot (5).pngScreenshot (6).png

    For your last log what fuel that you were using? Oct91?

    You would need to increase your desired fuel pump pressure.
    Your WOT is better then previous tune but you need more fuel. you may try lambda 0.80 1st or 0.78

    Screenshot (7).png