Creation Date: 9/7/2019 12:04:39 AM

VIN: 1FTNW21P73EB55227
2003 Ford F-Series Super Duty F-250, 6.0 L, 8 Cyl

Hardware: Black Oak 448K, Ford
VIN: 1FTNW21P73EB55227

I know this strategy uses the inferred EBP sensor. Where would I adjust the tune to change turbo vgt response? I logged w/ scanner but can not find any correlation between VGT duty cycle vs mass fuel desired in the tables accessible to me. PCM commanded VGT duty cycle % do not match the tables Feed Fordward under exhaust pressure or VGT Open Loop DC.

Is the inferred EBP tables available for editing? Can the tune file re-enable actual EBP reading response? Or am I missing something here. I have not licensed this truck as of yet so I haven't played around with adjusting settings to see what changes.