I ordered the MVPI2 on 9/8/19 and gave my MPVI to my son. The tune for both my car & his are on the MPVI (plus a bunch of old ones nobody cares about - cars are long gone).

I plan on keeping working on his tune and emailing it to him as needed - with him uploading via the MPVI - he lives a 70 miles from me.


1) Can I have both the MPVI & MPVI2 setup on the same computer?

2) and update his tune for MPVI, so he can use it?

3) by extension - can I work on my own cars tune under MPVI2 (I assume I may have to eat the credits to switch over - no big deal)?

4) Any issues I should be aware of, running it this way?



By the way - I see the MPVI2 is on its way to Bradley Beach - nice quick turnaround guys!