Can I write the differences to 6L80 TCM in a CTSV 6L90 trans from a stock ZL1 tune file?

Tune file is from the repository and it's a stock 2012 ZL1 tune file.

TCM is out of a 2010 Camaro SS 6L80 tuned by DBR and car made 760rwhp.

6L90 trans is out of a Cadilac CTSV

I was comparing the files and the ZL1 file has a lot of higher pressures than my tune has.

Example below:

6L80 DBR trans tune vs Stock ZL1....

Trans > Shift Pressures > Adaptive > Oncoming and Offgoing Pressure Preset, the ZL1 has more.

Also noticed...

Trans > Shift Pressures > Adaptive > Maximum Volume > Max 2-3 is 50.0 on stock ZL1 tune while all other values there are 200.0.

My DBR tune had that set at 200.0.

I wonder if dropping it back down to stock ZL1 50.0 and raising the aforementioned up to stock ZL1 pressures would do any good?

Below, left side is 6L80 DBR blower tune and right is stock ZL1 6L90 tune: