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Thread: MPVI-1 suddenly cannot do StandAlone datalogging??

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    Question MPVI-1 suddenly cannot do StandAlone datalogging??

    I use my standalone datalogging function mainly for dragstrip run recording, and sometimes just as a basic check-up datalog of my daily driver.

    Never an issue, ever.

    I had to license a friend's truck about a week ago, and at that time, also updated to latest full version 4.4.4, as instructed.
    Zero problems datalogging, licensing, or tuning that vehicle...

    I also near the same time, converted to flex fuel (with a sensor), and did a double OS swap (back to stock, from SD 3 bar, then to flex fuel SD 2 bar), on the car in question, to allow me to have a Flex Fuel tune and it's options.

    All of the Flex Fuel options work fine, no problem reflashing, no problem reading the tune...just cannot do a datalog unless connected to laptop. Coincidence or not, I cannot do any standalone datalogging at all, on this car.

    If you press the RECORD button, you get the normal couple second delay, then the red RECORD LIGHT comes on...
    Light stays on (as it would if recording) for about 3 minutes or so, then I get a red blinking ERROR light.
    I can do this multiple times with no luck getting any actual datalogs recorded.

    If I datalog through my laptop, it works as it should, but can't have an open laptop sitting on the seat, at the dragstrip.

    I have tried reloading the latest software,
    Tried REPAIR function on latest download,
    and have even tried datalogging with the latest BETA version..

    I have done WRITE CONFIG on the dongle probably 25 times, while connected to car, with key on, and all cables connected, hoping I simply had a brain fart...multiple times, lol

    No luck

    I just did a WRITE CONFIG to my daily driver truck, and had no problem doing a 10 minute driving it doesn't appear to be a dongle issue...

    Any advice, ideas, or suggestions?
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