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Thread: User defined Lml

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    User defined Lml

    Anyone have user defined for Lml trucks?

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    there's more to it than ya think.

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    as mentioned its pretty advanced. i dug into it once and found out i dont have the skill to use it, probably not saying much there but this is what i learned:

    1) you need a hex file for the ecu. this isnt always too hard to get but what is...the decryption file that is required to make it understandable. this is the .bin file that xdf requires.
    2) you need to search and figure out the extra tables you want and then compare them to the available room left in the ecu. sometimes the upgrades just wont work due to lack of data space.
    3) you also need to have tuner pro xdf...i believe its free but you need it in order to make this all work.

    here is the programming link for the xdf generation doesnt tell you how to figure out anything about 1 or 2 though.
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