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Thread: MPVI Firmware update issue

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    MPVI Firmware update issue

    I have been using my MPVI for years with no issues,

    Today i upgraded my firmware from 0120 to 0121 and i have had nothing but issues.

    issue 1: invalid licence key.

    issue 2: unable to detect vehicle protocol

    Issue 3: software shuts down during a write and bricked 3 ECU's.

    All worked perfectly before this crap firmware update.

    Does anyone know how i can get my older firmware back.

    Im about to smash this unit now, I have bricked 3 ecu's and i have jobs that i cant do because of this.

    I am loosing money and im not happy at all

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    Do not know if it's related but this post solved my issue.

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    They want me to upgrade now, When i had no issues for years before this bullshit firmware update.
    Sounds like a forced upgrade to me.

    Might have to get legal advise on this one.

    Im loosing money everyday now

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    Can you please create a support ticket. If you have already created one, do you have a ticket #?
    We got this guy Not Sure, ...