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Thread: False Pre Ignition Spark Source?

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    False Pre Ignition Spark Source?

    i believe i am loggin false a false spark source of Pre ignition as can not hear any knock with naked ear, i dont have funds for a knock box as at the moment im still learning and getting the hang of it all. or is this correct and i have to pull some timing out, car is a 04 BA N/A auto ran on BP 98, has home made growler box and extractors high flow cat and 2.5 DEA exhaust this log was only a quick one in the driveway as i was busy and done late at nightidle rev u[.hpl

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    I'd say its Tip In Retard. I had a look at the log where it goes into pre-ignition spark source. I've never seen that before. Are your ignition timing tables std?
    I've had a play around with the same sort of combo years ago. To be honest the factory timing tables are pretty good for a BA NA.
    The only thing I would recommend is to enable the Octane option in the VID block if it isn't already done - this should add +4 deg timing. Look at VID Octane adjust table.
    These engines don't need a lot of timing - the combustion chamber is very efficient. Its not an old small block chev that needs 36deg timing+

    Post a copy of your ecu file.