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Thread: 2019 lt1 NA camaro with edelbrock 2650 supercharger fitted jerky at light throttle

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    2019 lt1 NA camaro with edelbrock 2650 supercharger fitted jerky at light throttle

    Hi Guys, fitted a edelbrock 2650 blower kit to a 2019 ss camaro last week over here in Australia, and we have it tuned up great on the dyno (554 rwhp) and runs great on the road when your into it ,
    but our problem is really light load light throttle it gets a pretty savage surge to it when we road test it around the 30-40% throttle and between 2000-3200rpm there abouts ( has to be in manual mode to get higher rpm range with very little load) .
    quick rundown on the car
    2019 camaro 10 speed auto (was bone stock and only 800 miles on it)
    edelbrock 2650 kit fitted
    K&N cone filter kit fitted
    full long tube headers fitted and full twin 3" exhaust fitted (all bimodal flaps and motors deleted)
    runs on what would be similar to your 91 octane pump fuel

    the really jerky area I am talking about in the log posted is in the 17.23.24-17.23.26 17.23.49-17.23.51 17.24.21- time frames of the log ( there is others there but there probably the worst areas)

    just after some opinions on what could cause this. we don't have a lot of these LT engines over here in Australia yet and not too many have tuned them let alone one with a blower fitted.

    any help would be appreciated guys
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    Did you swap the MAP sensor to a 3 or 4 bar sensor? If not, do that before chasing the drivability any further.

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    a quick look of it to me is that I see lots of lean areas. I would make sure you have tuned the VVE tables.
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