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Thread: c6 ls2 twin turbo boost question - tune attached that has lived for 48k miles so far

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    c6 ls2 twin turbo boost question - tune attached that has lived for 48k miles so far

    first off, guys enjoy the tune- it has lasted over 10 years like this and 48k miles up to 12psi on 93/meth only.

    on a stock bottom end, what is the limit of the ls2 in a 6l80 corvette.

    current setup::

    STS twin t04 turbo setup running a single m15 alky nozzle, speed density tuned, 13 degrees timing at 5200 and 15 at 6500rpm. boost is 15psi on 10gal 93/5 gal 110.

    I don't drive the car much so adding 110 is not an issue for me. I don't get knock and ive seen 18psi the other night on a brief pull. 50k miles on the motor. 48k of those boosted on 10-12psi. just started leaning on it a little because I got bored and took it to an airport race. at the race I locked the converter on the log attached and man did it load the motor, but still no knock. I mean I though for sure it was going to bend a rod. car make right at 700rwhp on 13psi. any help is appreciated.....enjoy the tune
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    I believe you'll over power the auto before you bend a rod.

    if the back pressure isn't excessive then keep adding boost.

    I would suggest you remove the aggressive spark numbers at lower RPM under boost where its flashing the converter.

    your VE table also show that the Meth nozzle is making a serious contribution to fueling. with that amount of meth I doubt you'll see knock until well after the point adding more timing does nothing. and your IATs are incheck

    if your kit has a good flowing turbine and exhaust there is no reason why you SBE LS2 shouldn't hang on to 900rwhp which, at a guess would be 18psi, and with that amount of alcohol it should take 15-16 degrees at that.
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    What injectors and pump setup are you running? I see you are running double stoich
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