Testing also my CSV data and trying to get this to work.

Data always looks like this
But the columns after "elapsed" can be acc, gyro or some other sensor fusion stuff as well.

epoch (ms),time (01:00),elapsed (s),pitch (deg),roll (deg),yaw (deg), heading (deg)

Showing/animating the data works fine so far...but
Is it possible to get this timestamp to work to sync it to video and NMEA or gpx files?
At the moment, I guess, it takes the elapsed time and so the "Starting time" is always 0

I read http://racerender.com/RR3/docs/HowTo-DataInput.html here about GPS Time but I guess the timeformat is off?
Can I change/adjust this somewhere?

Reason is, we have soooo many files to work through, and syncing them all completly by hand would take a lifetime....maybe there is a way?

Thanks in advance for any assistance