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Thread: Listing Older version VCM Suite download links for customers..

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    Listing Older version VCM Suite download links for customers..


    Wish HPTuners team will help out in providing links to all VCM Suite versions for customers who want to roll back to some options that they loved using..

    I would like the support of the team to make this happen.

    Just a quick piece of advise when creating newer versions customers would expect all the old features and more.. not the old features removed and new ones added.

    Honestly i purchased HP Tuners MPVI2 from a guy who suggested it to me so i can tune without making hardware mods thinking of selling the MPVI2 now caz im not really a tuner im more of a programmer and HP was going to make my life easier with options that were in the VCM Suite Version 3.7.1

    Wishing that admin hears us out and provides us all the links to older versions.

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    MPVI2 won't work with older versions of software such as 3.7.1

    But to answer your request directly we will not be providing links to old software nor hosting old software on our servers, sorry.
    It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be done in two weeks...

    A wise man once said "google it"