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Thread: Stand Alone ECU

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    Stand Alone ECU

    I tried searching around so please forgive me if I missed a relevant post.

    Is there a way to connect my beloved TrackAddict app to my Megasquirt ECU to receive basic inputs like throttle, brake, VSS, coolant temp etc.? I have an RS232 Bluetooth adapter that transmits all of this info to the EFI Shadowdash app.


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    Hey... another Megasquirt guy! And if you're like me, an unhappy ShadowDash customer.

    As far as I know, TrackAddict is only designed to talk to HPTuners hardware, not a generic bluetooth adapter. Also it is designed to process only standard OBDII parameters, and pretty much nothing about Megasquirt is OBDII compliant, especially its serial I/O. So I think it's very unlikely to work.