I have the pro version of Track Addict on iOS.I used it for 1 track day and then used Race Render to overlay the data over my GoPro footage. Really enjoyed how easy the process was. The details on the app also helped quantify my improvement.
For my next track day, following the recommendations on your website, I also obtained the dual XGPS 160 and the Kiwi 3 to read engine data from my 2014 Triumph Daytona 675r. The GPS works as expected, but I am unable to read engine data using the Kiwi 3.
When I try to connect, the OBD icon on the home screen turns yellow. If I click on "Data channels and codes"s, the status keeps going in a never ending cycle of searching -> connecting to interface ->connecting to vehicle -> not connected -> back to searching.
My research online says 2013+ Triumphs use the CAN bus messaging protocol which both the Kiwi3 as well as the TrackAddict app support (https://www.aim-sportline.com/downlo...75_104_eng.pdf). I tried with other apps as well such as the official Kiwi app and the Auto doctor app. I had my vehicle running, power cycled the Kiwi and my Iphone each time. It looks like the phone is able to connect with the adapter, but unable to read any ECU codes. To confirm, I plugged the Kiwi3 into my car and the app is able to read the data within seconds.
This forum post seems to indicate that the protocol might be proprietary to Triumph: https://www.triumph675.net/forum/sho...d.php?t=168657
Do you have any idea whether this setup will work?
Also, one question related to Race Render. When I overlaid the data from the app over my GoPro footage, I wanted to include the roll angle (which I am hoping I can use as a rough approximation of lean angle - my phone will be mounted on the rear seat with the display facing upwards in the portrait position).
If I add a display object, choose a gauge and the Roll angle as the field, the gauge stays at 0 and does not get updated. If I go to settings for the TrackAddict data file I imported and check the channels, Roll, Pitch etc do not appear. I am not sure if thats related... But I can set up my app dashboard to display Roll and Pitch. Can I see it in the maps view after the session is complete and overlay this in Race Render over my videos?

Thanks in advance,