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Thread: STOCK LFX cam grind specs

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    STOCK LFX cam grind specs

    I've been searching for information for the STOCK cams installed in the LFX engine. Spent over a week searching HPtuners forum and Google in general. The most specific thing I found is that LFX intake cams have a "longer duration" than those in the LLT from GM techinfo. What I'm most interested in is the actual durations as installed. Other specs like lobe lift would be nice but not needed as much. Before anyone comments; Yes, I know I control the separation and No, I'm not going to "just screw it and swap'em for some Mace Cams." Thanks Guys.
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    Check before you consider tuning;
    Is the MIL on? ANY leaks-vacuum, fluid or exhaust? Clogged filters? Old O2 or dirty MAF sensors? Dirty injectors, PCV or IAC passage? Correct the condition. Change the plugs & oil while you're at it. They need it anyway. Particular system giving you fits? Visually examine the related wiring first.