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Thread: 2007 Grand Prix Limiter Delete Issues

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    2007 Grand Prix Limiter Delete Issues

    Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to tuning, just doing small things to get my feet wet and learn. I removed a few CEL codes in my grand prix (tried fixing them properly first, just can't make my rear 02 sensor happy) so my factory remote start always works and wanted to delete the limiter. In VCM Editor, under speedo, under Limit by airflow, i set ETC speed limiter 1 and 2 to 200. 1 was set to 75 before (not sure what that does as it goes faster than that) 2 was set to 108, which is where the problem is. I set both to 200, went out and tested, under safe conditions don't worry, throttle still shuts itself at 108 to limit speed. I wondered if setting both 1 and 2 ETC speed limiters to 200 was the issue so i recently changed it to 145 and 165 but have not been able to test it. Is there something I'm missing?

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    I have a 2000 GTP. I set the Speed Limiter vs Gear to 200 in all boxes---cut off and resume. You have Limit by Airflow, and I have Limit by Fuel---which I just set both to 200. Hope this helps.
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