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Thread: 2002 TrailBlazer P1680 code after 1 tune

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    Question 2002 TrailBlazer P1680 code after 1 tune

    Got the TB a week ago and has 198k and been using it as a daily but will use it as a tow only for my z06 on track days.

    well I was starting to tune the 2002 TB 4x2 injectors only and car turned on fine and I was data logging. Once I was pulling out the driveway and put it in drive, I had ZERO power and the check engine light came on. Good thing it had enough power to move to the neighbors and out of the street.

    Code: P1680 ECM related

    I installed the stock tune and same thing. I could not get it into the grass from my driveway because I didnt want to block my other car incase I cant drive the TB tomorrow.

    The code is still active and I am going to try 1 more time to test drive with the stock tune but clearing the code.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? I don't want to be stranded lol and its raining right now too.

    I'm still new to the hptuners but tuned out a few things on my Z06 with it before. Just haven't had much time behind the PC with this.

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    Charge the battery well and try to flash a stock file.

    I would get a stock file from the repository just in case something is corrupted with yours.

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    I did that once with a bad tune on my 02 I6, undo the last change you made on the tune (if you swapped parts in, remove those too) and make sure it runs properly again. Mine was CAI + catback only at the time, so I could run a stock tune to rule issues out.
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