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Thread: Throttle not going wide open

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    Throttle not going wide open

    ok-have a guy who brought me a vehicle. 82 Chevrolet truck with a 6.0L, 4L80 swap. Vehicle has drive by wire throttle body. When you press the pedal wide open you can see the pedal requesting wot but I only get 50% throttle from the throttle body. I have compared files that I have tuned and it appears nothing in this one should be limiting the throttle to the noted amount. Processor was unlocked and this file is exactly as received from the harness supplier (not my work). It appears that it is a decent starter file. Please help. I have a video of what the throttle is doing which I can upload to my YouTube account if necessary. It appears that the throttle is actually opening 50% (roughly 45 degrees) when the pedal is completely on the floor.
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    The tune seems to be fine.
    Do you have another Throttle body to test it with?

    Trying to remember if they have a throttle relearn?

    Just did a tune for a similar swap and the engine would crank and run fine but you only got one stab of the throttle then non responsive. It would idle fine tho.
    Swapped throttle body for a known good one and no more issues.
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    Does the pedal, throttle body and TAC module all match, as in they came from the same vehicle?

    While you're in there, disable abuse mode on the engine side so it doesn't come back to haunt you in the future.
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    ^^^That is what I thought. I mentioned to the customer that the pedal, throttle body (whole 9 yards) needs to match. Thanks for the replies. I will do the necessary magic in the tune file once I get this squared away.

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    Oh yeah. I hooked my scanner to it (Autel OE type tool with multiple controls) and the option button was present to do a throttle calibration but once I clicked the button the tool said that the feature was unavailable for this platform. I don't believe that there is a throttle calibration for this unit. I thought about that as well.