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Thread: Corvette C7 how to turn off Speed limiter??

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    Corvette C7 how to turn off Speed limiter??

    We have Corvette C7 LT1 + Procharger SC kit installed, the car run just fime, untill about 300km/h, and then it hits the limiter, i tryed everything in the ECU software to turn it off, but it feels like it has speed limiter elsethere in the system((( anybody can help with it?


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    Got a tune to post up?
    Is that a E92 ECU?

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    Yes, its E92 ecu, i tried everything in the Speedo page to raise all limits up to 317mph, as well as put Condition: Enable RMP up to 7000rpm so it never worked at all, but it still Limits the car on the same speed independant on load and gear (((

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    Post the tune

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    Please see this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stez View Post
    Please see this
    Change the limiter source to GMLAN .

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    the problem is likely due the ecm not liking the number just being maxed out. Generally speaking if you go through gm calibrations, the number that is predominantly used is 217mph/350kmh.
    use that number and i would bet its fine after.
    speed limiter needs to be set to calibration, gmlan will allow other controllers to control limiter
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    i did tried to change to Calibration and GMLAN... that doesnt helped (( will try to put 217mph number... i hope it will help somehow, but i guess i tried that as well... could be the problem elsethere except this Speedo section? may be somethere in Transmission controller or other one?
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    Here's mine from 2018 Z06
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