I have been in a fist fight with my ECM to get it to fuel down low i have added 20-30% to my torque to fuel up to about 75% TPS at 100% im targeting about 155-MM3 not messing with injection pulse.I also altered my MAF above 15% for my intake and set Grams/Sec in higher axis to the max that HPT will go with out the warning that pops up
around 70 grams/sec i can go more but im thinking its my Lambda target.I was trying for .500 in heavy acceleration 2000-2500 rpm but i recently took a look at another tuners work and i'm way higher my part throttle is about the same at 600 rpm .500 down to.200.
Is it my Lambda or MAF not letting me destroy the earth with unburnt fuel and be a douchebag?