Hi All, new member here.

I have search for about an hour now and have concluded the following: Looks like most of these external GPS posts are 2 years old, or people are giving work-arounds for older equipment. One poster even went so far as to purchase the currently recommended BT-Q818XT from the track addict recommendation page, only to have to go into the module and change some settings. Apparently that page has the same info from another track addict post dated March of 2018...

I am thinking about purchasing race render ultimate, but only if everything lines up... So, seeing as how the BT-Q818XT is the recommended device from 2 years ago, what is the better choice today that is plug and play for an Android Galaxy S8+? I am alrady running the recommended Kiwi3, and it is working good, far as I can tell. So whatever I get needs to be compatible, and obviously run simultaneously through bluetooth (plug and play).

I have enough going on with researching parts, and prepping for the next track; I have no interest in wasting that valuable time getting something like this to work, especially on race day.

Thank you!