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Thread: VCM Scanner Only Showing Advance and MAP

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    VCM Scanner Only Showing Advance and MAP

    Okay, so to start off, I am trying to scan my procharged 1999 Camaro as it has been running poorly on the bench tune (speed density) from my tuner. I have an mpvi1 and am operating on the latest beta version.

    When switching from NA to FI my tuner had me switch to a 2 bar map and had me do a write entire with the new bench tune because of it. Now when scanning, hptuners shows absolutely nothing for every value other than the MAP, which is stuck at "2.0", and advance, which does seem to read properly. The car run likes garbage. It does okay at first, but gradually gets rougher and if I try to give it throttle it does nothing for about 5 seconds then it starts revving, but feels terrible. Once I let off the throttle it drops to about 300rpm and tries to keep running.

    What could be causing this lack of scan data and piss poor performance?

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    Re-poll for supported parameters while connected to the vehicle, that should bring back all the other channels.

    Post your tune that you have right now.

    List the rest of the information about it. Like the exact MAP sensor you are running, what injectors etc etc. This way we can see if that data is correct in the tune file.
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