So, lately I have been re-tuning my ride as it's been getting warmer and I knew my current tune just wasn't feeling it (hybrid SD tune, aka MAF disabled, closed loop). It was just starting to run too rich. Now, I went on a third run for logging (no WOT), and at the end of my run I got to do a full throttle pull, and hit retard, quickly building up to 3 degrees of KR, no more no less, right at 4k RPM. So, I applied my changes to my VE table, and sure as shiza, same place again. No KR anywhere else, but right at .70g airmass I hit 3 degrees of KR exactly. I am getting high in the boost (sliightly overboosting by 1-2 PSI, pretty sure it's the forge wastage actuator that needs to be adjusted), but right at 4k RPM, at ~70g, I hit KR, and goes up to 3 degrees. Did it on a few different runs and lowered the boost and stuff, same thing.

I am fairly certain it's a table, and my kneejerk reaction is to blame the knock airmass table, but where it's at, I have it at 1.50 for the cells where I am seeing the issue. I got good fuel pressure, and am only at 83ish percent IDC.

2 things:

- Can someone give me a good explanation of the knock airmass tables? I have looked, but really have not gotten a good idea of it. Or at least what I have read across multiple forums, is not clear. Whether or not that is MY issue, I really want to have a grasp on it (that and throttle pressure drop.... thoughts, comments concerns?)

- if it's not the knock airmass table, where else would this happen. I mean, for it to hit the same spot every time even though I have added fuel, lowered boost, and reduced timing, it always happens there. Any hints or clues would be appreciated. Gracias!