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Thread: 68RFE troubles

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    68RFE troubles

    Ok so I recently had my transmission tuned and now the truck is nearly a nightmare to drive. It is shifting to 6th before 40MPH and running at 1100 RPM. Refuses to downshift when merging into traffic and is otherwise just basically not right.

    To remedy this I got the stock tune file I had on the truck prior to having the transmission tuned and I bought an MPVI2. So this is my question. The previous tuner has locked out the TCM so I can not read it and since they are 4 hours away can I just simply write over the existing file?

    Also can someone please explain the messages I have attached to this post?

    Please any help I have been without the truck for three weeks now and this thing is vital to the way I make my living and I am getting into busy season. 20200319_181400[3486].jpg20200319_181241[3485].jpg20200319_181144[3483].jpg

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    Pretty self explanatory, you need to select and apply your credits to your transmission tune file in order to write it to the ecm. And yes you can write over top of what is already in there.